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Head of Seria Campus Message

We have some very busy times ahead of us at ISB Seria. Before we break for the half-term holiday on the 21st October, we have the following events:

Year 6 Camp at the Eco Village, Temburong October 11th – 13th

Brunei Junior Sports League for Year 4-6 October 18th

Parent Teacher Meetings October 18th – 19th

International Day October 21st

Keep an eye out on Seesaw Messages for more details about these fantastic events.

So, what has been happening this week at ISB Seria?

Pre-Kindy finished their ‘biscuits’ activity this week. They learnt about hand washing and identifying the shape of their own biscuits. They also learnt how to handle the plastic knife, with care, when spreading jam. On Tuesday, the pupils completed their first environment walk around the school grounds and listened to the sounds in nature. They were quick to identify birds chirping on the trees! Kindy pupils have continued with the topic 'transportation', they explored and conducted some experiments to test their cars to see how well they roll on a ramp covered with different materials (aluminium foil, sandpaper, fabric wrap, and corrugated paper). They even changed the height of the ramp and tested it again. Kindy pupils also enjoyed singing 'The Wheels on the Bus' song, using action and facial expressions. Reception class have been finishing the maths unit of ‘matching and sorting’ and have started the unit of ‘comparing’. In Phonics they have learnt their first diagraph (a combination of two letters that make one sound) ck. They also learnt to listen for sounds at the end of words rather than at the start of words. With International Day coming up, they drew a self-portrait which was then added to a map so they could see and discuss where in the world members of our classroom originate from.

Year 1 continued to explore their senses of ‘sight and smell’ by learning how to use a microscope and sorting similar smells together. Pupils started identifying adjectives and how to describe ‘the setting’ in Literacy. In Maths, pupils rehearsed making part-whole model and number sentences. Year 2 have been learning about similes and how to create ones about themselves! In Maths, they have been learning the number bonds to 100 and how to write number sentences. In Topic, Year 2 have looked at the continents Oceania and Antarctica and studied famous landmarks in Brunei. Year 3 worked hard this week to understand and use comparative and superlatives ready to use in their own persuasive writing. They also started to learn more about human and animal teeth, how and why they are different. The class also showed they could demonstrate and explain when they need to exchange in addition problems. Great work!

Year 4 have been researching information for our non-chronological reports based on their choice of inquiry topic. They have started to add and subtract numbers up to 1,000. Year 4 have also classified animals into 5 categories and are about to create their own civilisation in topic lessons. Year 5 have used the inverse of subtraction and addition questions to check their answers. They have continued to learn the features of newspaper reports in English. During topic, the pupils created a working model to show how the Moon orbits the Earth, and the Earth orbits the Sun. Year 6 and 7 have been gaining a good understanding of the whole journey of oxygen around the body. Reading comprehension quizzes have been very popular as they have set up crime scene investigation protocols to assist Sherlock Holmes.

Please enjoy the long weekend and we will see everyone back first thing on the morning of Tuesday 11thOctober.

Mr. Smith

Head of Seria Campus

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