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Head of Seria Campus Message

Dear Parents,

The big news is that swimming lessons are returning for pupils in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 on Monday next week. Other Year Groups will follow soon and Mr. Russell will send a letter to explain the arrangements to parents in Years 3 – 7 next week.

ECAs (Extra Curricular Activities) will now begin on Monday 15th September and the sign-up list for these ECAs will be sent to all parents in Years 1 -7 this Monday 5th September. The staff are planning some exciting activities and we have also been lucky enough to have ROBOTICS club, run by Zenius Tech, as our paid ECA for this term. See the sample video below.

Watch out for the ECA Sign-Up letter next week!

In Pre-Kindy this week, the pupils have been creative mark making, exploring colours and colour mixing. For Maths, they learnt about shapes and counting. The Pre-Kindy pupils are also supported emotionally as they continue to learn about their new environment and routines. The focus for Kindy this week has been 'All about Me'. They were learning to draw their own portraits, with support. Kindy pupils were encouraged to talk about themselves, what they like and where they are from. In Maths, they are learning to recite numbers 1-10 and using their fingers to represent some numbers. In Reception, the pupils have been identifying the beginning sounds of concrete objects in Phonics lessons. In Maths, students were counting, recognising and ordering numbers. In addition to this, Reception pupils are learning that certain shapes have a set amount of sides which they can count in order to help identify them.

Year 1 have started to ponder about their new topic ‘Me and My Family’ by creating self-portraits using natural outdoor resources. In Maths, the pupils worked on sorting and counting objects. Year 2 started their ‘Survival’ topic this week. They read Meerkat Mail and learned about Sunny the Meerkat and all his different adventures in the Kalahari Desert. In Maths, Year 2 started place value and how they can group tens in different ways. In Topic, they learned about the habitats around us and went on a mini-beast hunt. The Year 3 Kingfishers have been revising nouns, verbs and adjectives this week. They have been using number lines to count in tens and hundreds in maths and learning how to create gradients with watercolours.

Year 4 have written all about themselves and their learning goals for this year. They have read the story of Theseus and the Minotaur and turned it into a class play. We have studied numbers in the context of place value. They imagined a new world through a magic tree portal and described it using adjectives and imagery. Year 5 have continued to look at place value up to 1,000,000 in Maths. They have had fun looking at space poetry connected to our topic of ‘What’s Out There?’ Year 5 have also looked at the timeline of space travel and the space-race. Year 6/7 have been engrossed in their Sherlock Holmes story having read 5 chapters with Dr. Watson now arriving at Baskerville Hall….

In Science Year 6/7 have looked at the respiratory system and completed a post-mortem linked to their Sherlock Holmes theme. In Maths, they finished the end of the week with place values in the playground as an exciting practical activity to end the week.

I am sure you will agree, it has been another busy week. Stars of the Week were announced for the first time this academic year and IGKAT RED TEAM were winners of the weekly house competition. More exciting news to come and do not forget to look of Seesaw for extra challenges and activities to try at home. This week, we have started preparation for the International Day song. Please see the activity on your child’s journal on Seesaw.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mr. Smith

Head of Seria Campus

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