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Head of Seria Campus Message

What a fantastic way to end the penultimate week of the school year! The traditional Summer Fayre did not disappoint with ISB families and friends enjoying all the stalls and fun activities on campus during the day on Friday. A huge thank you to all staff for organising and running the stalls, our visiting vendors and all the parents who contributed to the Summer Fayre in so many ways. A special congratulation to the Pupils in Year 5 and 6 who took their business models and created to most successful stalls of all on the day. The ‘winning’ stall will be announced in our End of Year Celebration this Thursday (7th July) at the V-Plaza Ballroom.

Last week, the Pre-Kindy pupils had fun preparing jam biscuits. They used their dominant hand and learnt to use the butter knife with care. All the children took their jam biscuits home to enjoy. The PK children and parents also joined the Early Years Sports Day, on Wednesday, where they all showed amazing skills.

YO-HO-HO! Kindy pupil enjoyed dressing up like a pirate and learnt to speak like a pirate during their role play activity. They made some interesting crafts to support their role play such as spy glasses and treasure map. InMaths, they learnt to measure objects using cubes and practiced writing the number symbol. Reception class have been learning the story ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’. They enjoyed creating puppets and retelling thestory in their own words. In Maths, they have been using positional language to describe where the fairy tale characters were on the map. Well done Reception!

Year 1 children had fun learning about time last week. They made their own clocks and learnt to recognise the ‘hour’ and ‘minute’ hand. They had the chance to go for an environment walk to Seria Park. Year 1s enjoyed playing and observing some birds, fish and plants with their friends. Year 2s have been measuring mass and capacity. The children have used weighing scales to find out the mass of different objects in grams and kg. They then played in the water tray and used measuring cylinders to read scales in ml and l. They have continued reading their class book ‘Flat Stanley’ and have been writing expanded noun phrases. Finally, the Year 2s have been rehearsing a surprise for the V-plaza celebration!

Year 3 have been weighing and comparing objects during the week using scales. They have also been planning their own newspaper articles, while taking time out to learn a new dance with the Head Boy and Head Girl from ISB Secondary Bandar. Year 4 have been writing a fantasy story based on a sequel to ‘Flotsam’. They used the five senses to describe how each different type of chocolate tasted in Science lessons. Year 4 also made a poster for the ‘county fair’ which featured in their class book.

It was a busy week in Year 5 and 6 with House Captain visits, trips to Bandar, dance sessions with the Head Boy and Girl all mixed in with a sprinkling of preparations for the Summer Fayre. A busy and very productive week!

School Reports (for 2021-2022) will be available for all pupils after school on Wednesday 6th July. I will be writing to all parents tomorrow to provide more details about how these reports have changed this year to not only fully support ISB’s philosophy and ethos, but also to reflect the challenges and successes of an extraordinary year.

I hope you have had a relaxing weekend and I hope to see you on Thursday 7th July at the V-Plaza Celebration.

Mr. Rick Smith

Head of Seria Campus

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