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Head of Seria Campus Message

This week, Pre-Kindy children took their learning Outdoors! They had loads of fun learning about prepositions such as, 'behind', 'on top', 'next to' and 'under' through their parachute activity. They also learnt colour recognition through this fun game. Kindy children focused on how to look after their pets, this week, by engaging in Pet Vet clinic, Dramatic play activity, singing ‘B-I-N-G-O’ dog song and making pet hand puppets. They also had a Show and Tell activity where the children showed the class pictures of their pets and explained how they cared for their pets at home.

Reception class have enjoyed learning the story Little Red Riding Hood. They have been busy baking scones and weaving baskets. In Maths they have been using positional language and direction to move the ‘Bee Bots’ from one place to another. Year 1 have continued to collect and write fun facts about whales. In Maths, they have learnt to recognise coins and notes. They had fun being the shopkeeper and customers to buy a teddy bear using ‘money’.

Year 2 have started the Maths topic of mass. We have been reading scales and using the weighing scales. In English they have been writing postcards from Flat Stanley making sure to include noun phrases and conjunctions. Year 3 have been learning the features of a newspaper report to prepare for writing our own dragon related story next week. In Maths they have been learning about the properties of 2D and 3D shapes and trying to make their own.

Year 4 have been studying coordinates and how to complete a pattern. In English they have read ‘Flotsam’ and have written descriptions of the main character and speech bubbles for the story. They have continued their Andy Warhol themed art project and have planned a light investigation in Science. Year 5 and 6 have been working on their business cases for the School Fayre next Friday. They have been designing posters, working out prices and sharing out tasks so we can make our $5 ‘grow’.

Have a wonderful weekend and see you next Friday!

Mr. Rick Smith

Head of Seria Campus

Upcoming Events

Friday 1st July – Summer Fayre (8am – 11am) for all families and friends.

Please see separate email from Bella for details.

Thursday 7th July – End of Year Celebration (10.30am – 12pm) for all parents and relatives.

More details being sent via Seesaw/email on Sunday afternoon.

Two very exciting events for the ISB Community. Don’t miss them!

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