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Head of Seria Campus Message

We are delighted to welcome parents to our HARI RAYA Celebration next Friday (27th May) at 9.30am. This will be the first time, in almost 12 months, that parents have been allowed on site. The celebration will take place under the shade on the back playground court.

Parents and close family will be allowed on site from 9.15am and all parents must show a GREEN/YELLOW code on the BruHealth app, with temperature checks and hand sanitiser at the school entrance. Please note that we expect a large number of cars on this day, so please park responsibly and follow the directions from ISB site staff.

The staff and pupils are excited to welcome parents back on site for our first outdoor event this year. There will be more to follow!

ECA lists will be sent via Seesaw and email this weekend and sign-up sheets will be available from Monday 23rd May. ISB Seria ECAs will begin after the half-term holidays.

This week, Pre-Kindy pupils have been working really hard on their cutting skills. They have showed resilience and have certainly improved their concentration, coordination and fine motor movements. Kindy pupils have learnt about 2D shapes and patterns. They have studied the characteristics of shapes, using mathematical language, such as corners, sides, and ‘AB’ patterns. They also participated in a fun Science experiment exploring how to make a volcanic eruption with baking soda and vinegar. Reception class have been writing simple sentences to describe their drawings during drawing club, they worked together to make play dough and have impressed their teachers with their counting skills in maths.

Year 1 pupils have completed their story map and enjoyed acting out their stories. In Maths, they have continued to work on fractions by finding a quarter using counters and also created their own cave painting in Art. Year 2 have been creative painting with water colours. They have written recounts and finished the maths unit on ‘position and direction’. Year 2 have also started learning our times tables and have been playing tables games on the iPads. Year 3 have had an exciting week investigating magnetic and non-magnetic materials and magnet strength and recording the results accurately. In maths, the Year 3s have been revising telling the time and even calculating how many hours in a week.

This week Year 4 have been writing Kenning poems. They have conducted a variety of light investigations in Science and played ‘top trumps’ game based on the content of a variety of chocolate bars. In Art, the Year 4s have started a pop art project. This week, Year 5 and 6 have looked at numbers to 3 decimal places in Maths. In English, they have planned for and written a description of our main character in our narrative writing. They have looked at switches in Science and have started making ‘anti-theft’ devices.

Another busy and creative week at ISB Seria. Have a great weekend and, hopefully, I will see many of you next Friday.

Mr. Rick Smith

Head of Seria Campus

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