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Head of Seria Campus Message

‘Give me a child who is eager to learn, I will return a young adult equipped to take on the world!’

Our return to campus plan, now 5 weeks in, is working extremely well. With a ‘100% safety record’ in relation to our SOP, the pupils and staff are thriving with school after lockdown and plans are in place to make the remainder of the year even more exciting.

We are delighted to announce that the Extra Curricular Activities programme will begin on Monday 6th June. A programme of ECAs will be on offer during the final half term of the school year, running from 1.30pm until 2.30pm (Monday to Thursday). Our good friends at Omni-Sports are also offering a variety of sporting activities to complement the planned ECAs run by our very own ISB staff. A list of activities and sign-up sheets will be available in next week’s newsletter.

We are looking for the very fastest ‘Times Table Rock Stars’ to compete live at our ISB Bandar campus on the 1st July, 2022. For a special invitation, all students have to do is be in the top 7 players (TT Rock Stars Studio Mode) across Year 3 to Year 6 by Friday 17th June. Parents/cares of the top 7 pupils will also be invited to ISB Bandar to watch the competition. This event is just one of the important initiatives we have to ensure academic excellence. Announcing a huge e-sports and Rock Gig coming soon! We have also recently posted a comprehensive overview to the Primary Newsfeed to ensure parents maintain a good understanding of how we structure our Maths curriculum to ensure everyone excels.

Alongside this information on Maths, we have also shared ways to help children see themselves as writers. This interesting article here on the Primary Newsfeed contains some useful tips for parents that complement the work we do in school.

Reporting Attainment, Progress and Achievement to parents is essential. This year will be slightly different, but the fundamentals remain the same. Every parent will be informed how their child is doing compared to others the same age, how their child is improving, if their child is achieving, where we expect them to be achieving and how well they are getting on with others. These reports will be shared at the end of the year. Unfortunately, due to the implications of potential ‘close contacts’, there will be no face-to-face parents’ evenings this term.

So what has been happening this week at ISB Seria?

Pre-Kindy class have worked on improving their fine motor skills, identifying shapes in their environment as well as understanding patterns. Kindy children learnt that a plant needs water, soil, sunlight and air to grow healthily. We also enjoyed seed planting activities and reading the story 'The tiny seed'. Reception class have been learning about the continent of Africa. They enjoyed creating African jewellery and listening to stories.

Year 1 children have created their own story setting map, spotting the adjectives used in the story. They also rehearsed constructing questions to the ‘lonely bear’. In Maths, Year 1 learnt about how to make and find ‘a half’ using shapes and counters. They also enjoyed painting our cave and making them more solid in our classroom. Year 2s have been using the Beebots to describe movement and turns. They have learnt about quarter and half turns and clockwise and anti-clockwise. They have also been acting out the story of ‘Alan’s big, scary teeth’ looking at adjectives and time conjunctions.

Year 3 have been adding and subtracting fractions and writing about animal encounters. They have also used watercolours to explore gradients and planned their sewing designs. Year 4 have been studying statistics in mathematics. They have designed their own chocolate bars and marketing strategies in topic time. In Science, the Year 4s have looked at reflected light and in English they have been writing persuasive texts on the subject of sugar content in food and drinks. Year 5 and 6 have been writing character descriptions focusing on figurative language. In Maths they have been looking at decimals linked to fractions.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Please remember to complete and submit ART tests on the current, allocated evenings (Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday).

Mr. Rick Smith

Head of Seria Campus

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