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Head of Seria Campus Message


“Fostering independence and a love of learning within pupils takes time. It takes dedication and a complete understanding of each individual’s needs. Once trust is established, in a safe and nurturing environment, pupils will continue to grow and become citizens of the future and dynamic ambassadors of their successful school.”

As school is slowly returning to normal, staff are witnessing a transformation within our pupils. We hope you are witnessing it too. Pupils are becoming increasingly independent, caring to one another and behaving in a way which makes us the envy of many schools after lockdown.

This week the learning journey and development of skills has continued to grow.

The Pre-Kindy children have made wonderfully, creative flower pictures. They have learnt to make choices, identify colours as well as developed their counting skills some during this activity. The children in Kindy have been reading and retelling in sequence a story about a Stickman. During the week, we went for a ‘stick hunt’ around our playground. The sticks and twigs collected were then used to create and Art project, our own stickmen! Reception children have been learning how to subtract in Maths this week as well as learning a dance for Hari Raya. The children also followed instructions to make slime!

Year 1 children have started to investigate the elements of a good, engaging story. They are reading We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen and have started to create their own classroom cave using natural resources collected from outdoors. In Maths, the children have practiced making arrays and equal groups.Year 2 have been writing non-fiction sentences about alligators and thinking of their own question sub-headings. They have been drawing cartoon ‘Alan the Alligator’ and started to build a word bank of adjectives.Year 3 have been learning to use a thesaurus to improve our descriptive writing, and in Maths the children have explored equivalent fractions. They have also enjoyed making a self-watering plant container whilst learning the parts and jobs of a plant.

Year 4 have been studying the history of chocolate and locating the countries involved with chocolate production on a world map. They have completed two light investigations in Science to help them understand ‘light and dark’. Year 4 have also had dance rehearsals with the Year 3s for the Hari Raya celebration. Year 5 and 6 have been writing descriptions this week of a flying ship for their narrative work. In Science, they have been creating circuits and testing components.

Selamat Hari Raya to all our ISB community. If the moon is sighted on Sunday night, then we will see the pupils back on campus on Thursday 5th May. If the moon is not sighted, we will see the pupils back on campus on Monday 2nd May (as normal).

Mr. Rick Smith

Head of Seria Campus

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