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Head of Seria Campus Message


A huge ‘THANK YOU’ to Mrs. McCready for organising a superb Eco Week at ISB. The pupils certainly enjoyed the activities and learned a great deal about sustainability and our duty to protect the environment.

This week, Pre-Kindy and Kindy students have enjoyed learning about how to protect our environment through fun activities such as making a picture using leaves, turning a cardboard box into a play house, exploring the best way to take care of our Earth through game and making our own hat to celebrate Earth Day on Friday.

Reception class have enjoyed learning all about the environment and made ‘Earth’ collages for World Earth Day. Year 1 have started working on describing ‘a setting’ using adjectives and WOW words. In Maths, they have been making equal groups and adding them together. Year 1 also enjoyed learning more about palm oil and recycling for the Eco week activities. Year 2 have been outside measuring! They have been comparing lengths in cm and m. In English Year 2 have been researching alligators and thinking about using a question as a sub-heading in a non-fiction text.

Year 3 continued working towards writing their own instructions, while also enjoying the Eco Week activities and exploring fractions. Year 4 have continued to look at ‘time’ (days, weeks months and years!) They have enjoyed all of the amazing Eco Week activities, such as the collaborative art activity, whilst studying the origins and history of chocolate. Year 5 and 6 have continued to look at fractions and how they fit on a number-line. They have also created some fantastic artwork linked to Eco Week this week too.

As you can see, it has been another busy week at ISB. Please watch out for whole school announcements on Seesaw and via email for any updates over the weekend. Official messages from the ISB senior leadership team will be sent via EduLink as normal.

Have a wonderful, restful weekend.

Mr. Rick Smith

Head of Seria Campus

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