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Head of Seria Campus Message

An incredible Term 2! Today’s celebrations of learning during YouTube and Zoom assemblies have proved that ISB virtual school has been a great success. Combine these achievements with extremely positive comments from our recent CIS (Council of International Schools) inspection, and we can say that Term 2 at ISB has been an extremely successful one. ISB Seria pupils never fail to amaze us and we are always delighted to share their many achievements – from Eco Warriors (highlights HERE) to Extreme Reading (highlights HERE.)

Pre-Kindy children started this week with learning about quantity, where they demonstrated their understanding by pouring liquids to the correct amount. They also completed some super art activities by using different materials to achieve some spectacular creations. Kindy children have been practicing their scissors skills by cutting shapes in Maths, learning the initial sound of words that begin with the letter 'i' and creating superhero masks for ‘Show and Tell’. Reception class have enjoyed learning all about Asia. They took part in a landmark quiz and discussed places they have visited in Asia.

Year 1 have been learning all about how to write a ‘good sentence’ in English lessons. In Maths, children learnt to measure and compare capacity. In this final week before the holidays, Year 2 have been concentrating on SPaG (Spelling and Grammar) in English. We have been working on past and present tense, using inverted commas and recognising the 4 different types of sentences. In Maths, Year 2 have continued learning about fractions of shapes and started to work out fractions of amounts! Year 3 enjoyed exploring equal shares in Maths and creating our own comic book summaries for the BFG.

Year 4 have finished writing their plays and have been recording animated versions using voices - with expression and characterisation. Year 5 and 6 have been honing their skills using some online Maths games, they had a choice of stimulating Art activities and an end of term ‘virtual trip’ to America to finish their Term 2 learning.

To all our pupils, parents, staff, families and friends – enjoy the holiday!

School resumes on Monday 11th April.

Mr. Rick Smith

Head of Seria Campus

Back to Campus Priorities - Parent Survey Feedback

Planning has been underway for some time for the return to campus. We are very aware that this is an important time in the young lives of our students and one we must get right. We are thankful for the feedback provided by parents in this area. As parents, you indicated that a focus on Reading and Writing was where you considered the main priority to be alongside Maths. Interestingly, although in fourth place seen on the overview below, Social Time / Play ranked as first choice for more people when asked for the order of importance.

Parent Feedback March 2022 (Year 1 - Year 6)

We were delighted to receive this feedback from parents as this is exactly in line with our planning, to ensure we take a holistic approach to the 'whole child' and enable opportunities to socialise, negotiate, collaborate and play.

We continue to ensure academic excellence across all areas of our curriculum, with a Maths Mastery approach and our ethos of promoting a love of Reading and Writing.

Parent Feedback March 2022 (Reception)

In Reception, the overwhelming priority for parents is Phonics. Over the last few years, we have continued to develop and refine our practices to ensure high quality teaching and learning in the area of Phonics across Early Years and into Key Stage 1 (Yr1 and Yr2). We continue to deliver a well planned and systematic approach to the teaching of Phonics and our expert practitioners will ensure no child is left behind in this key area of learning. We are extremely proud of our Early Years provision at ISB and know all children will flourish as a result of our carefully planned approaches.

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