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Head of Seria Campus Message

It was wonderful to see so many pupils joining us for our Friday Zoom assembly and also texting ‘shout-outs’ during the YouTube live assembly. It makes me so proud to see the whole ISB community engaging as one Primary School. We were also able to reveal our ‘Masked Readers’ from last week’s competition. The answers, and winners, of this competition can be found – HERE.

This week, Pre-Kindy pupils have been revisiting number recognition and number order, in addition to exploring mixing colours. Kindy pupils have been learning the initial sounds of words which begin with the letter ‘P’ and using objects to represent numbers 1 – 5. Reception pupils have enjoyed taking part in the online Yoga class. They have been inferring and offering predictions by looking at an image of a character in Literacy.

The pupils in Year 1 have been busy solving length and height problems. In Literacy, the pupils have been finding information about bears. Year 2 have been investigating the properties of 2-D and 3-D shapes. In Literacy they have been detectives – discovering features of a diary entry. The ‘BFG’ is the new class book for the Year 3 pupils and they have been comparing and ordering lengths in Maths.

Year 4 have been having a class debate about the issue of plastics on the environment. They have also created their own dinosaur fossils and used a new App (Aardvark Animation) to create stop-motion animation. Years 5 and 6 have been studying ‘The Promise’ by Nicola Davies in Literacy lessons. They have identified similes, alliteration, repetition and the use of figurative language. They have used these skills and embedded them in their own writing/stories.

To all our pupils, parents, staff, families and friends. Stay safe and stay well.

Mr. Rick Smith

Head of Seria Campus

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