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Head of Primary Message Week 5

Continuing to lead global conversations at the cutting edge of education research and innovation remains a priority. This week, we have challenged students from Year 1 to Year 6 to inquire and share their learning. We have been delighted by the content submitted to Seesaw, demonstrating that students of all ages have the confidence to share their knowledge and understanding.

Miss Honey inspired students by travelling back 100 years through Brunei’s history. If you haven’t yet seen her time-travelling adventures, you can watch here. This video inspired many other journeys through time and across the globe. Thank you all for sharing such memorable and informative content.

Students of all ages came together this week to participate in the Air Guitar challenge set by our Primary House Captains. This video, along with all other content is available on the ISB Primary YouTube Channel This week, the new House Challenge will encourage culinary creativity.

Student leadership opportunities are an important aspect of school life. This week, we held an election across Year 3 to Year 13 which culminated in the presentation of a new Head Girl and Head Boy. Participation in these elections has been a positive experience and I hope that the campaign videos, together with the election process itself, inspired discussion and conversations at home.

This week, we shine a Spotlight on Year 1 who have been scientists, teachers, explorers, artists, writers, mathematicians, historians, engineers, botanists, archaeologists, astronauts and linguists. We are very proud of the way that students in Year 1 approach their learning with enthusiasm and confidence.

Time away from screens is incredibly important, and a feature of our Primary Virtual School provision. Miss Andrea Wallington, our school librarian has continued to share stories from the Library and we have also shared a comprehensive series of audio stories for children of all ages to enjoy. We have also increased the amount of physical education available throughout the week to ensure all students remain active.

Community events are what makes ISB such a special place. Made more difficult as a result of the current situation but continuing this week with an event streamed live after school. An opportunity to come together and connect.

Thank you for all of the incredible messages on Teachers’ Day, the support of the ISB community is very strongly felt by staff and we all appreciate the continued support.

Mr Michael Everett | Head of Primary

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