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Head of Primary Message Week 34

Faster, higher, stronger! This week, we ended with a magnificent festival of sport, hosted by the PE team and Primary staff. It was great to see so many students active and engaged in sports activities. Thank you also to all the parents who came along to support their children. It really was a great morning of fun and fitness.

House Points will be awarded as part of all the Sports Days and it is a really close battle this year. Click your House icon above to see how your House is doing in the ongoing competition, only 4 more weeks until we declare the overall winner for 2021/22.

Transition is an extremely important aspect of these final few weeks of Term 3. You will now see the new class code and teacher name when you open Seesaw. Look out for this by following these steps:

Seesaw Family App: Click Journals - Child Name - Aug 22 Folder

Seesaw Class App: Click your Icon (top left) - Aug 22 Folder

During Week 36, all Primary Students will have the opportunity to visit their new class and Teacher for August 2022. There are some teachers who are of course not joining the ISB family until August. Where this is the case, there will be a welcome video loaded into Seesaw so that students can begin to become familiar with their new class Teacher. We are all very much looking forward to starting a 'normal' school year in August 2022!

Looking ahead, I would like to share just some of our priorities for the next academic year. As well as the ongoing priorities, we will have a particular focus on International Mindedness next year, further enabling our students to be globally aware and international citizens. We will also have a focus on Brunei History and Culture, continuing to develop students’ understanding of Brunei History and Culture is a vital element of our broad and balanced curriculum.

Alongside this, we will also focus on Metacognition & Self Regulation, approaches to teaching which support students to think about their own learning more explicitly, by teaching them specific strategies for planning, monitoring, and evaluating their learning. And we will continue to prioritise Eco, Environment and Sustainability as an active Eco School.

I am also delighted to announce two new members of the Primary Leadership Team for August 2022. Rob Crook will join as the new Deputy Head of Primary, following Rick Smith's move to Head of Campus in Seria. Rob has worked as a teacher and a leader in three Chinese cities, Poland and in the La Côte region of Switzerland. He teaches students to find links in their learning and enjoys using Visible Thinking techniques to achieve this, particularly in Maths and Humanities. Rob is originally from England and will join ISB with his young family.

Iwona Krasa will also join the Primary Leadership Team in her new role as Associate Assistant Head. Iwona will continue to have a focus on Wellbeing and extend the important work already carried out in this area. I look forward to working closely with both Rob and Iwona as part of the Primary Leadership Team next year to ensure excellent outcomes for all students.

During the Year 3 - Year 6 Assemblies today, students 'Rocked' their Times Tables. It is so important that all students have a firm grasp of their multiplication facts before the end of Year 4. You can read more about this on the Primary Newsfeed. On the 1st July we will be hosting a very loud Rock Gig on the Piano Steps to promote the very fastest rock stars! Who said Times Tables can't be cool?

Have you seen the recently posted Wellbeing writing ideas posted to the Primary Newsfeed? We continue to work alongside Pobble, who have published some excellent writing ideas to support mental health, as well as promoting gratitude, kindness and self-care. This week has also been Kindness Week at ISB, with random acts of kindness on display across the school.

This week, Year 6 visited the Brunei Art and Handicraft Centre, Year 5 have excelled in their extended writing, Year 4 have visited the Science Labs, Year 3 have been recognising forces, Year 2 have continued with their Play Projects, Year 1 have been exploring how to save the planet, Reception had a great time at their Sports Day, Kindy and Pre Kindy have been up to all sorts of great outdoor learning.

As ever, if you have any questions, queries or feedback of any kind, please do not hesitate to send me a message in Seesaw. It is always great to hear from parents.

Mr Michael Everett | Head of Primary

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