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Head of Primary Message Week 28

This week has been Eco Week. Students from across Primary have been engaged in activities focussed on highlighting some of the issues we face as a planet. To end the week, there was a sea of green to raise awareness (and money) for the BORNEO ORANGUTAN SURVIVAL (BOS) FOUNDATION. In assemblies, we leant more about the natural habitat of the Orangutan.

We also looked at the plight of the Orangutan and the impact of Palm Oil plantations on their natural habitat.

Returning to campus after such an extended period of Virtual School has been tricky, but children of all ages have been a credit to all parents, they have returned with joy and enthusiasm towards every aspect of their learning. Special congratulations to our Stars of the Week and Writers of the Week, it was fantastic to celebrate these achievements in Assembly. Certificates will come home for the fridge and are also posted to Seesaw as a permanent reminder.

We have been rebuilding school culture this week, high expectations and academic excellence within a caring and inclusive environment where everyone excels.

All communications will continue through the Seesaw Family app. We can see from our records that more than 96% of parents are now connected. The use of the Seesaw Class app now changes to be used only in school. If you have yet to connect, please let us know. Did you also know we can add extra family members to the Seesaw Family app? A great way for grandparents and extended family members to maintain a connection with school life. For additional Family accounts, please contact the Primary Office or send me a message in Seesaw.

Thank you to all parents for the continued support with the ART processes. I hope you find the systems easy to use and enjoy the reminders we send out three times each week. Thank you also to the ISB community for supporting the updates to the traffic flow. This is of course a collective responsibility but we are confident the systems will work if adhered to.

The ISB Primary Student Council would like to remind the ISB community of their JAPEM Community Outreach Project. This year, the Primary Student Council is working alongside the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports (MCYS) through the Community Development Department (JAPEM) to lend a helping hand to our local community and put smiles on children's faces. The Student Council would like to thank everyone for the donations we’ve received so far! We are still accepting donations until next Friday, 29th April.

Mr Michael Everett | Head of Primary

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