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Head of Primary Message Week 20

Year 5 have been on camp ⛺️ in Temburong this week. A huge thank you to all the staff involved in creating wonderful memories for our students. Mrs Heeger, Mr Dave, Ms Siti, Ms Zahrah, Mrs Hawkins, Ms Lei and Mr Russell ensured every Yr5 student had the opportunity to experience jungle activities unique to Brunei. We shared hundreds of photos with Yr5 families and we hope they create many opportunities for shared stories over the coming weekend. Just a small selection of these photos are also included below to give you a flavour of what they got up to. There was river swimming, games, orientation activities, village walks, late night treks, marshmallow toasting, Iban folklore and storytelling, wake-up exercises, jungle knowledge and survival classes, rice wrapping, delicious food, bamboo chicken, cultural Iban dancing and music, a talent show, eco-craft, painting, blowpipes, fishing and cooking of kuih lenggang. Such an amazing adventure! Photos at the bottom of this page 📸 👇👇

House Captains are hosting the INGKAT House Week from Tuesday 14th to Thursday 16th February. On Tuesday, Year 1 & Year 2 will be competing in a Limbo competition. On Wednesday, Year 3 & Year 4 will be throwing wet sponges at the House Captains. On Thursday, Year 5 & Year 6 will be battling it out in a Tug of War. Full details have been published 👉 here on the Primary Newsfeed.

There is a selection of photos 👉 here on the Primary Newsfeed from the recent Chinese New Year 🧧 Assemblies.

We have shared a post on the Primary Newsfeed relating to how we monitor progress in writing ✍️. This is a fundamental part of our provision from Pre Kindy all the way through to Year 6 and beyond. You can read more 👉 here. There are also links to additional reading on how to help children see themselves as writers, wellbeing writing ideas, phonics and Free Write Friday.

ISB also celebrated Friendship Day today across all campuses, with staff and students celebrating friendship, kindness and our wonderful community spirit.

This week Year 6 have been dividing fractions by integers, Year 5 have been on an adventure of a lifetime, Year 4 have been creating electrical circuits, Year 3 have published some exceptional writing, Year 2 have been dancing, Year 1 have been consolidating their phonics knowledge outdoors, Reception have been cutting and chopping, Kindy have been using story maps and Pre Kindy have been developing their fine and gross motor skills.

Mr Michael Everett | Head of Primary

⛺️ 📸 👏 🤩 🙏

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