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Head of Primary Message Week 2

As September begins, we mark the end of the second week of what promises to be a fantastic school year. There is a real buzz around school and the ethos and environment is incredibly positive, with purposeful learning experiences in every corner of the campus.

One of the fundamental aspects of school is to ensure every child can read. This begins in Pre Kindy with the importance of talk and vocabulary and extends right the way through school. The very best way to ensure all children develop a love of reading is to make sure that they can read. As a school we model our own love of reading, we provide lots of books and a diverse range of reading materials, we read aloud together, but most importantly of all we teach every child how to read.

It's impossible to be motivated to read if reading itself is a struggle. Our carefully curated, language rich environment ensures each aspect of reading is always a priority. To find out more about your child's reading journey at ISB, you can use the link below. We have also included research and evidence related to the importance of reading, and shared some strategies you can use at home.

Also covered in the article:

  • Foundations of Reading 🧱

  • The importance of: Talk​ 🗣️

  • The importance of: Vocabulary​ 💬

  • The importance of: Phonics 🔤

  • The Importance of: Guided Reading 📚

  • Celebrating Success 🙌

  • Support at home​ 🏠

  • The Importance of: VIPERS 🐍

  • The Importance of: Home Readers 📔

Our extensive Extra Curricular Activities (ECA) programme begins next week. Parents will have received confirmation emails with full details of their child's ECAs. We have also shared a map of the school within Seesaw to help with finding the correct locations. If you have any difficulties accessing the EduLink app, please just send a message in Seesaw and we will get you connected.

🎓 Seesaw: learn more....

We know families really value the insight Seesaw gives them into their child's learning. Parents will now all be accessing Seesaw through their parent login using the Seesaw app. Did you also know you can toggle between parent and student logins using your child's Home Learning Text Code?

In order to submit work and photos into your child's Journal from home, you will need to log in to their Student account also. This is within the same Seesaw app and you can toggle between accounts. Just click + Add Account in settings.

🏆 Seesaw Top Tip: when logged in as a Student, you can access a full class list (first names only) by clicking on the Blog tab. For students in Yr3 to Yr6, you can also access the Book Review House Blogs in the same way.

This week Year 6 have been creating balanced arguments, Year 5 have been learning about forces such as gravity, Year 4 have been on the hunt for invertebrates, Year 3 have been partitioning numbers to 1,000, Year 2 have been exploring Antarctica, Year 1 have been identifying parts of the human body, Reception have been climbing & constructing, Kindy have been crushing ice and Pre Kindy have been getting messy and making lots of noise!

Thank you to the entire ISB community for working so closely with us, we really appreciate the close partnership.

If you have any questions, queries or feedback, do not hesitate to message within Seesaw.

Mr Michael Everett | Head of Primary


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