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Head of Primary Message Week 18

Even though only a short week, it’s been an incredibly busy and fulfilling one once again. Primary students have been competing in Cross Country running events as part of the Brunei Junior Sports League. Final selections are also being made for the upcoming FOBISIA Games, an excellent opportunity to represent both ISB and Brunei on the International stage.

Did you see the photos and videos from the recent Primary House Week? In case you missed them, they are available here:

Chinese New Year Assemblies are scheduled to take place on Friday 3rd February for Primary. On this day, Primary students are invited to wear red, or traditional Chinese dress to help us celebrate as a community together. A number of students will be performing in the Assemblies and parents will be invited to join us.

We are all very excited about the upcoming performance of Shrek. The live auditions took place this week and we were overwhelmed with talent from across upper Primary. The Performing Arts team have a very tricky job on their hands allocating roles. We have also been receiving online auditions through Seesaw. Please note that these auditions officially close at 6pm on Friday 27th January. A huge thank you for everyone taking part, it’s going to be an extravaganza!

The extracurricular programme is now in full swing and it is amazing to see the buzz and energy on campus each afternoon. Primary students are engaged in Art, various sporting activities, card games, chess, singing, dancing, cooking, storytelling, construction, language learning, origami, Science, swimming and wellbeing. The ECA programme provides excellent enhancements to our already broad and balanced curriculum.

The wonderful learning journeys we share with parents in Seesaw create an instant connection between home and school. This partnership is essential in ensuring the very best outcomes for children. With the use of this technology, parents now have an insight into what their children are doing in school and are informed about ways to help at home. We are always improving what we do and hope what we share each day enriches dinner table conversations and reinforces the importance of learning.

This week, Pre Kindy have been looking for snails, ants and grasshoppers, Kindy have been making delicious dumplings, Reception have been spreading jam, Year 1 have been learning about games from the past, Year 2 have been making equal groups in Maths, Year 3 have been exploring ancient technology, Year 4 have been in the Secondary Design and Technology Labs, Year 5 have been using technology to map historical events and Year 6 have been conducting scientific experiments.

Mr Michael Everett | Head of Primary

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